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Dünya Kupası Hakkında Önemli Bilgiler

22 Mar: World Cup Finals From 1930 To The Present

The international tournament, which started in 1930, is organised every four years and can only be attended by men’s national football teams that are members of the International Football Association (FIFA), could not be held in 1942 and 1946 due to World War II.

Marketing Türkiye Dergisinin Şubat Sayısında Spor Pazarlamasının Geleceğini Kaleme Aldık

22 Mar: In the February issue of Marketing Turkey Magazine, we wrote about the future of sports marketing

The biggest feature that makes the sports market in Turkey valuable and important is the unique passion of the fans. This passion of Turkish fans was instrumental in the entry of Capital Sports Media, a UK-based company with an office in Dubai, into the Turkish sports market. It is of great importance for clubs and brands to realise this potential and develop and transform their sponsorship and advertising models.